Paying for college essays online – How much does it cost?

10 Oct Paying for college essays online – How much does it cost?

Ever wonder how much it would cost to have an online writing service write a college paper for you? I’ve been working in this fast-growing industry as an online academic “professional” for more than a decade, writing essays and papers for people all around the world, right from my home in Boston, Massachusetts. I can provide insight into how papers and academic coursework are priced.


Working for pilots, nurses, teachers, you find that most of them hire academic professionals to write papers for them out of necessity. These professionals are typically working mandatory overtime and end their days late and exhausted. There’s not enough time for most of them to complete assignments by deadlines.


In the past few decades, tuition costs increased by more than 1,100%. That significant increase has caused a change in work-culture in America. Trying to pay for college while working one, sometimes two jobs while balancing family life has people stressed and over-worked. This type of sustained fatigue isn’t healthy.


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Business Administration, Nursing and Education are my specialties as a freelance writer but I have written for a plethora of different professions. All busy professionals who already work too much and don’t sleep enough. If you work like these folks, you probably need an assistant just to be able to spend time with friends or family.


Business, Education and Nursing degrees don’t come easily, they have difficult assignments and because of the length of time it takes to obtain the degree, most working students choose an accelerated program, which can become overwhelming very quickly. If you’re paying someone to handle this difficult work for you, should that professional be paid minimum wage? Of course not; a writer competent enough to complete postgraduate assignments don’t work for minimum wage.


Some of you might be surprised at the price for original academic work from a reputable writing service; ranging anywhere from $40/hour or upwards of $50-60/page. Graduate level research can be priced even higher (around $75/hour).


Hiring a qualified academic writer means paying a respectable hourly rate, so they can have some dignity. It’s not smart to entrust your coursework to someone willing to do it for only $20 per page, and it’s not necessary to pay someone $60 per page. If you want quality work, you need to hire an academic professional who charges accordingly. You wouldn’t hire a babysitter for $8.50/hour. You also wouldn’t hire a babysitter for $100/hour (unless you’re a lord or an emperor).


At the moment, a reasonable estimate for quality, original academic work in the freelance writing industry is between $35-$45/page.


$35-$45/page is a good price for quality academic writing.


Looking in classified ads and craigslist, you may think you found a good deal at around $15/page for a college essay but beware, this doesn’t typically end well. The consumer will most likely end up with shoddy work done by an inexperienced writer.


Another cheap but unwise option is to order a paper through a bigger essay website, or an “essay mill”. These are websites that hire inexperienced writers and freelancers and although the price may be cheaper at around $25/page, the work is usually of poorer quality due to the massive pool of writers they pull from, many with little professional academic experience.


A part-time academic assistant is not good? Why? – I’ve heard this story plenty of times. A busy professional hires an academic “assistant” to basically do the class for them (forums, discussions and assignments) for the duration of their class. Life interrupts things sometimes and the person taking the class becomes overwhelmed or tired of the job and quits. That’s a difficult spot to be in, needing to continue from where someone else left off. It would be like learning the whole class from day one and needing to possibly tailor your writing style to fit that of the assistant. Not good.


So I shouldn’t buy papers from an “essay mill”? – No. Not unless you like risking all your hard work in academia. “Another site I went to charged me $53 for 2 pages, what I received was flagged by a plagiarism-checker and I failed the class”. I’ve received that email more than once from my clients about “essay mill” services they used before researching reputable writing services. Copy and pasted articles about their subject that come up with a quick google search. Mills also hire people from impoverished countries working for extremely low wages and often give projects to the lowest bidders for the benefit of the company. The result is poor work; the price reflects the quality.


So I should hire an ambitious, “full-time” academic professional looking to increase customer base? – This is the best option; full-time freelancers who write to keep food on the table depend on the customers coming back. They want to increase their reputation as competent academic professionals who deliver. Helping you be successful helps them be successful. You trust them because you received excellent work at a reasonable price from them in the past, and you’ll use them again, which keeps hungry writers fed!


Don’t hire an assistant who may quit on you when the class becomes particularly difficult; it’s not their degree program, it’s a couple extra bucks. Don’t hire someone who just wants to make a quick buck. Don’t hire someone random online because they’re cheap or use a service that pumps papers out of a conveyor belt, they’re not standing behind a reputation they tried to develop. That’s the most important thing to a good writing service, their reputation keeps customers coming back and talking about the great work they’ve received.


Busy people everywhere need assistance with classes and it can be difficult to know where to get help. It’s unwise to put faith in a company that prices too low ($15-$30/page) and it’s unnecessary to pay prices that are too high ($60/page). True academic professionals working full-time in the industry will offer competitive prices ($35-$45/page) and attempt to earn your trust by providing quality work to develop their reputation as a good writer. The food on their table depends on it!