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We are a team of Online Class Assistants based in the United States. We also network with highly educated (undergraduate & postgraduate level) writers from the U.S., Canada, The United Kingdom, and Australia.


Mark – His background is in Business Administration, and he has acquired a specialization in Nursing research at every level. Mark can help with masters and doctoral level papers in Business Administration, healthcare, and other subjects such as social sciences, philosophy, and history.


Nicole – She writes papers at the undergraduate level and can use MLA, Harvard, APA, and Chicago. She has three years of experience following instructions and writing great papers for students all over the world. Her educational background is in Human Resource Management, and she has extensive research experience in the fields of Education, Nursing, Literature, International Relations.


Jon – This professional researcher has helped with more than 500 graduate-level papers and journal articles. His own background consists of studies in Early Childhood Education, Educational Leadership, Business Administration, and Psychology.


Carrie – Here is the agent who will probably take your order if you call or email between Monday and Friday. (You’ll get a reply from Mark if you order on the weekend). Carrie has expertise in almost every subject area because she has five years of experience as a professional academic writer and Online Class Assistant. She is an expert web researcher, and she is preparing to writer her own masters thesis about the how the private sector concept of “digital disruption” can be used to improve the quality of K-12 education.

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