Academic paper writing in the United States

30 Oct Academic paper writing in the United States

Looking online for a writer to help you with your college essay? Ambitious, successful people are very busy and you’re in a degree program. Working while going to school leaves you with exhausted with no extra time for self-care. There are many others like you out there; how do they complete their coursework on time.

I began writing essays full time over a decade ago in Massachusetts and have been helping working professionals get through college. All one needs to do is give me a brief description of their class, send me a syllabus and I will begin working on all the projects, discussions and assignments.

College essay writing is a flourishing, new industry in the United States. Many writers enjoy writing people’s assignments. Working for someone who needs help; who work too many hours and doesn’t want to give up thousands of dollars invested towards their degrees.

You receive an assignment from your professor to complete a 10-page essay. After working late each day, the last thing you probably want to do is research and write a long essay. Your day-job follows you home, present in your mind even when you’re home “relaxing”. Trying to think of plans about work or family then trying to shift your focus to researching and writing an essay is almost impossible.

College essay writing is a fast-growing new industry. More and more professionals in the United States desperately need assistance with their academic work and there are many freelance writers looking to help them complete their assignments. When you’re working for a company/organization that has high demands with little concern for your well-being, trying to complete your assignments on time can be so overwhelming, some folks drop out without help.

You could actually hire a writer that works for you continuously; essentially could do your class for you. A writer can rent the textbook, follow the class instructions, complete all assignments and participate in discussion posts. You don’t have time for classes when you’re trying to balance work, family and your personal life. It isn’t ideal to go to school in this situation. However, for a professional academic writer, your coursework is the only thing they need to focus on. It’s their job. They have all the time for the research, the discussions, lectures and even other projects like powerpoint presentations.

For some working professionals, hiring an academic writer is the only way for them to complete their degree programs. For assistance with a class or assignment/s, visit

Rich, important business executives have assistants for different things, including their academic work. Wealthy people can acquire assistance with most things, that gives them the freedom to work even harder and achieve more. People who aren’t wealthy also want to level up, become more successful; luckily paper writing is pretty affordable. Professional experienced writers in the industry currently price their work around $30-$40 per page and most online class around 50 pages of writing in total. A ten-week class would be ten payments of $179. They could also write a 25-page PhD research proposal for about half that price.

It’s a little bit expensive, but it saves people SO much time. This is not a service for young kids who live on campus; busy people who work a lot of hours can afford to pay a few hundred extra dollars each month to paper-writing help.

It may seems expensive, but the value correlates to the quality you’ll receive. You wouldn’t hire a babysitter based on how cheap they were just as your professional future is surely worth more than the lowest bid.

I’m Jon Griffin, and I write papers for busy people in degree programs. I’m still accepting new clients, and I work with a lot of talented paper-writers.


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