Why do you write essays and papers?

Because we are good at it! Our clients make it possible for us to earn a living by doing what we love. If you hire us, we will make sure you get a great paper every time. We want you to keep ordering year after year, and tell your friends about EssayMerc.

How does it work?

You can order one essay, or you can hire someone to help with a whole class. Just email letsdoit@essaymerc.com and tell us about your class.

Okay, but how can I order an essay right now?

Use the order form here or email the assignment instructions to letsdoit@essaymerc.com (attach files & paste instructions).

We will email you a price quote.

We’ll send a payment link you can follow to pay $15 for a trial.

Pay for the trial, and one Merc will write a few paragraphs of your essay.

We’ll show you what has been written, and if you approve of it you can pay for he rest of the paper.

We will send the full paper before your deadline.

If you have any concerns about it you can reach Noah or Mark at 999 999 99999 or letsdoit@essaymerc.com

If you like the Merc’s style, you can have all your papers written by the same person.

Okay, I'm interested! How can I get started?

Text us your email address: letsdoit@essaymerc.com

Okay, but is it expensive?

Maybe a little. You can buy a thousand words for $119 and your writer will use them to do some work for your class. Most classes only require about 1,000-2,000 words of writing per week.


Here’s an example of the price: We’ll write 900-1000 words (3-4 pages) for $109.


***If this is your first order, we’ll discount it by $10.


Another example: Have a FIFTY-PAGE THESIS written in ten weeks for $179 per week

Are these original papers? NO plagiarism? Can they pass Turnitin?

YES. Start with a deposit of just $15, and we will show you some writing. Check it with turnitin or another plagiarism checker. We can follow very detailed instructions, and we will discuss the work with you intelligently. If you email us, we will answer. If you ask us to give you a call, we’ll schedule a time to talk. EssayMerc is the real deal. We will write a meaningful essay, 100% original, and meet every single requirement in your instructions.

Are your writers native English speakers?

Most of them are. If you are a native English speaker, we will put you with a writer who is a native English speaker. If you need a paper with British spelling, we can do that. If you need an American writing style, no problem. It’s okay to tell us exactly what kind of language style you need.

I'm learning English, so I need the paper to be easy for me to understand. Will you write a paper with simple English?

Some of our clients want simple English, or they prefer to have papers written by someone who is also an English learner. If you need a paper with “Simple English” we will use short, clear sentences.

What if I get the paper and I don't like it?

Let’s start with a deposit of just $15. We will write a few paragraphs of the paper and cite some sources. If you don’t like it, we will switch it to a different writer. EssayMerc is an honest writing company, and we really want to make sure you like the writing style so you can feel confident when you place an order.

How much does it cost?

The price depends on how many words you need (example: A 500-word essay costs $65; 1,000 words cost $120; discounts are available for larger projects).

What about flat weekly rates?

Usually we can get you a writer for $210 per week, and he will send all discussion posts and papers every week. If your class requires more time than most classes, we will need to price it differently. If you have the same writer do two classes at the same time, there’s a small discount.

I’m afraid you will send me a plagiarized paper.

We guarantee the papers are original, and we will make sure they are also meaningful. We will not just write papers that do not have a real point to make. We try to write well, and we keep the language style straightforward and clear.

What if I have really complicated instructions, and the writers has to review the whole class to understand it?

That’s what we do all the time. We’re online class experts, and we have experience with Nursing, Business Administration, English Literature, Educational Leadership, Military Studies, International Relations, and a lot of obscure research topics which we have explored with our clients over the years.

Try us out for $15, and let us show you some great writing.

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